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   WHO AM I   

First thing first, thanks for stopping by in my little corner of the Internet. I hope you will enjoy my articles about the places I visited, and if you do, I would appreciate if you leave a comment so I know that someone reads and enjoys it. 

I had my first idea of a blog back in 2012 and wanted to write about my travels, and encourage more people to travel to similar places. It was just after I visited Egypt - including Taba and Sharm El Sheikh, Valencia, and Risoul in French Alps all in one year that I thought this could be a great platform to share my experiences. I loved the fact that I was travelling so much and wanted to share that. I started jotting down the notes of my travels but after returning I never sat down to starting my e-diary. 


This thought was with me during all my travels ever since, I made lots of notes and comments, some of them I already lost. So here I am finally with my e-postcards from my travels. 

My blog is my travel diary and my thoughts and reflections after visiting beautiful places I travelled to. It is my, rather lengthy, postcard from my travels! 

Travel to me is not always about going to well known places, it is also about visiting the lesser known corners of the world, country, or even a new city and getting to know the people and their culture.

My blog along with my social media (especially Instagram) is a celebration of my travels and my memoir. I invite you to follow my journeys and perhaps find an inspiration for your next trip.


I hope some of my tips will be useful for your travels! ;-) 

Chichen Itza Mayan pyramid

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