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Corfu - top locations for perfect September escape.

The mountainous and evergreen Greek island of Corfu is perfect for a late autumn escape. When is the best time to visit? The so called shoulder season of September to October tend to be the best time to visit Greece and the Greek islands (although April to May is good as well but the sea may still be chilly!). September in Corfu is still hot and you can enjoy the beauty of warm summer days in less crowded Ionian island.

"Where, when and how - few practical information before you travel to Corfu" - practical tips for your trip in one article here.

My highlights & top locations to see when visiting Corfu island:

What's worth seeing in Corfu?

Corfu Town is a labyrinth of narrow streets, some paved with cobblestones packed with tourist shops. There's a long promenade along the seashore where you can walk by and admire the blues of the sea. The city has beautiful architecture thanks to the Venetians, the British, and the French.

In Kerikera (another name for Corfu town) you definitely want to see Old Fortress, Spianada, and sit in the the cafe AKTAION overlooking marina and the Old Fortress sipping Cafe Frappe (photo below).

The views from the walls of the Old Fortress are well worth the trip, and include the out of place church of St. George. Built by the British, and looking like a old Greek temple, the church is one of the postcard images of the island.

Photo: Admiring Old Fortress, Corfu Town while sipping Cafe Frappe

Spianada square with Listion arcades, don't be surprised if you see cricket players in the park just opposite the square. At the end of the square you will find Maitland Monument.

There's plenty of museums in town so if you have time, or you prefer to visit museums there's a wide choice - Sea shells museum sounds interesting. I have not visited any.

A small monastery called Valcherna Monsatery which is located on an islet - a very beautiful and picturesque place to see, nearby Valcherna there's a small island called mouse island - you can get a boat for few Euros if you want to get to the island. Valcherna is within a vicinity of Corfu Town but 'behind the airport' so it might be a bit of a trek. We saw it on our way to the airport, we parked the car and walked over the pedestrian bridge.

Head north west of the island to visit Logas beach at sunset. It is said to be the best location for admiring the most beautiful sunset, with a great music and a delicious cocktails from the bar which is situated above the beach and it's called "Seventh Heaven". Check out my IG stories highlight for the feel of the place. The DJ plays a whimsical music that seemed to be perfectly paired with the dramatic sun setting behind the sea horizon. Definitely the best spot to watch it! There are beautiful cliffs on the beach which are very dramatic in name as well 'Drastic Cliffs'

Photo: Stunning sunset - Logas beach - view from '7th Heaven bar'

In the north you will also find Canal D'Amour - canal of lovers which is a beautiful canal with turquoise blue sea. The legend says that a woman who will swim across the canal will get married same / next year.

In west part of Corfu you can visit village of Palaiokastritsa which is a home to a scenic hilltop monastery and museum. You have some great beaches here as well as 'paradise island' which can be reached by boat.

North East with mount Pantokrator - the highest mountain of Corfu, once you reach the summit, the whole of Corfu can be seen, as well as Albania which lies a short distance from the island. Towards the top of the mountain the scenery seems moon like.

Photo: View from hilltop and Monastery overlooking Palaiokastritsa bay

The central part of the island seems like it has not been affected by the tourism industry, you can see small villages with its inhabitants who seem surprised to see 'new people' in their village even when you only pass by.

The hills of Corfu are still green in September, and its dramatic landscape does not seem to be bare with open spaces or fields as you have trees all the time. The mountainous landscape gives the sightseeing all the drama when you drive up the winding streets up the hill and then driving down and admiring the landscape and the views.

Photo: Relaxing in a bathtub at Achilleion palace

Achilleion is a palace and point on the map that you want to see. With only 13 mins drive from Corfu airport, we made it our stop on the way south to Kavos. It is a beautiful museum which used to be a palace of Austrian Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria also known as Sisi. It has beautiful grounds with statues of Dying Achilles and Achilles guardian, from garden terrace you can see a panoramic view of Corfu city to the north.

Photo: Port in Gaios, the capital of Paxos Island

Paxos - If you're looking to move away from island, buy a ticket for boat trip to Paxos for a day. Paxos is a small island surrounded by turquoise sea, beautiful caves, and idyllic villages. Legend has it that Poseidon and Aphrodite got cosy here. The capital of the island Gaios has host of Greek restaurants where you can have delicious lunch. The island only has 2500 residents, you won't have to try hard to compete for space.

I hope that my highlight list will be helpful for planning your trip, I do have a map with all places marked so if you would like one ready-made just send me a message via the contact me page (sorry I don't know yet how to upload it here). :-)


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