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Why should you buy a plane ticket to Mauritius right now!?

Mauritius... where do I start? The paradise island!

Mark Twain said that Mauritius was made first then heaven. And that heaven was copied from Mauritius. It's called paradise island and it is the first time I am 100% agreeing with its inhabitants. It is hard to describe it in words but I hope some of my photos can give it justice and support my words.

Photo: Paradise beaches of Mauritius

First of all, let's start with how I choose Mauritius as a travel destination in the first place. I was looking to go to Seychelles and it was a dream of mine to visit the famous archipelago. After looking at plane tickets and hotel prices I was a bit discouraged and thought this paradise is not yet for me. I was also looking for Zika free holiday destination, and Seychelles and Mauritius both ticked this point.

And then suddenly Mauritius adverts appeared in my search, so I checked the flights, had done my research on the island and thought this looks like paradise, why not go there? I knew of Mauritius and knew it was beautiful but somehow I wasn't considering it for upcoming holidays. I flew with Mauritius Airlines and the captain welcomed us on a journey to 'his paradise island' and it is truly paradise island, no doubt about it.

Photo:South of Mauritius - viewpoint

I think Mauritius have beautiful weather of neighbourhood islands of Seychelles and Maldives, but what it also has is lush greens, tropical climate, interesting animals and amazing nature to admire. Fantastic beaches with soft sand, as well as great cuisine and most of all very friendly people.

The island at first looks like it only consists of great beaches and palm trees but Mauritius gives you the opportunity to see beautiful waterfalls, or visit temples and churches made of lava stones. You can swim in the sea admiring its creatures. Mauritius gives you a bit of everything.

Photo: Seven Coloured Earth - Chamarel

Capital city and port town of Port Louis with its history and markets, biggest horse racing track in the southern hemisphere, and Botanical Gardens that are just 15 minutes away from the capital. The north of island also offers great public beaches, Grand Baie area dotted with boats which is considered by locals as their Saint Tropes of Mauritius. The influences of French and British colonisation are seen to this day in not only architecture, but also cuisine.

If you are willing to move around the island, West coast will offer you a great chance of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat (provided you choose the right supplier) as well as beautiful fish on coral reefs. This is also where you will see 'crystal rock' and Le Mourne - a UNESCO heritage site. Most probably you will have BBQ lunch at the beach nearby.

Photo: Port Louis and biggest horse racing track in southern hemisphere

Central & South West of Mauritius will surprise you with Chamarel twin waterfall, Seven Coloured Earth as well as Grand Bassin which is a lake in an old volcano crater being a home to Hindu prayer site. Tea or rum plantations are also available to visit if you are interested.

I'm gutted I have not seen everything I wanted, but I am hoping to come back and see the rest. Although a small island Mauritius has a lot to offer.

The island charmed me, it's hard to put it in words and describe its beauty but I hope my photos will give it at least some justice.

Safe travels,

Izabela x

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